Week Ahead with Neo – 13 FEB 2023

Week Ahead with Neo – 13 FEB 2023

Major Topics and Market update points for the week 13/02/2023 – 17/02/2023

Monday 13 Feb

Eurogroup meeting – The Eurogroup discusses a range of financial issues, such as euro support mechanisms and government finances.

Tuesday Feb 14

GBP – Claimant Count Change- Change in the number of people claiming unemployment-related benefits during the previous month

USD – CPI m/m CPI y/y Core CPI m/m – Inflation measurement data release for the month and year including food and energy

Wednesday Feb 15

GBP CPI y/y – inflation measurement data release for the year

USD Retail Sales and Core Retails m/m

ECB President Lagarde Speaks (EU Economic Forecast – all day) Due to testify on the ECB Annual Report before the European Parliament

Thursday Feb 16

ECB Economic Bulletin

USD PPI m/m – Producer Price Index, a leading indicator of consumer inflation – The higher the cost of production is passed on to the consumer, hence forcing less spending.

Friday 17 Feb

GBP Retail Sales – A measurement in the total value of inflation adjusted sales, it is an indicator of consumer spending

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