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Start Trading long or short CFDs on stocks with the worlds most traded global companies, including Amazon, Meta Platforms, inc., Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet. Investing in CFDs allow you to trade the value of the company’s stocks without owning the underlying shares, giving you several advantages over traditional stock trading.


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Balancing the market risks

As Stocks CFDs gather from 30 to 500 stocks of publicly traded companies, they can also boost your market risk resistance by creating a more stable asset.

Cross-platform trading access

Choose your most comfortable way to access the international trading arena. Be it PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet – DB Investing supports it all. It’s you who is in control of how and when you get to trade.
Benefits of CFDs on stocks:

Going short or long on stocks is a relatively complicated process with a traditional stock trading, but with CFDs you can sell as easily as you can buy to take advantage of falling markets.

Stock CFDs are easy to trade on MT5, without the need to trade through a stockbroker. Simply buy or sell at the live market price.

Trade at a much lower cost compared to traditional stock trading.

You’re able to profit from the smallest market moves, as leverage allows you to increase your position size relative to your investment. Leverage is also risky and can increase your losses as well as your gains.

How does CFDs on Stocks trading work?

There is no need to be directly involved in the market. Choose cross-platform trading, 60+ analytical tools, and quick connection during the market hours with DB Investing.

Why trade CFDs on Stocks with DB Investing?

You can choose among many different single stocks EU or US. There are up to 200 single stocks available for trading including the most reputable in the world, so you can participate by trading on CFDs into one of the largest markets globally. There are various type of stocks traded on exchanges all over the world.

Are separated into different categories such as technology stocks, pharmaceutical, energy.

SymbolLong swap PosotionsShort swap Posotions3-days swapLeverageMinimal Lot SizeMaximal Lot SizeUnits per LotSpreadTrading hours from Sunday to Friday
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