Markets Today with NEO – 31/01/2023

Markets Today with NEO – 31/01/2023

By Neofytous Hadjineofytou

Today we have GDP data release from Canada! Why is it important? 2 reasons!

GDP is an important economic health and size measurement!

Since the BOC raised the interest rate recently due to high inflation level, it is important to know how it will affect the GDP! GDP is the monetary or market value of all goods and services produced in a country! For the GDP to increase or show expansion:

  • Exports must outweigh imports.
  • Increase in spending, creating higher demand.
  • Increase in the level of investment both residential and non-residential.

With an increase on the interest rate, spending is forced to decrease, which in return it affects investments and slows down demand.  

Earning season

Exxon Mobile EPS         3.4 /3.29              Revenue       95.43B/ 97.17B

Pfizer             EPS          1.14/1.07            Revenue       24.3B/24.61B

McDonalds   EPS          2.59/2.45            Revenue       5.93B/5.71B

UPS                EPS         3.62/3.59            Revenue       27B/28.13B

AMD              EPS         /0.6725       Revenue       /5.52B

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