Learn The Rules of The Game

Learn The Rules of The Game

Before a child learns to work in his father’s farm, it must first learn the language of its parents, understand how they communicate and how they work. In anything serious you want to embark on, or any new venture you plan to begin. It’s essential that you first learn what lies before you, and understand it before you take the first step forward.

The same thing applies to trading. Just like when you first learn how to drive, and what to look out for when driving a car, you must first learn the “rules of the game” in the trading world. Majority of traders are initially too eager to make money in the markets, and frequently jump the gun in the name of
making “quick profits”.

It’s simple really, the language of the markets is the charts. If you don’t know what it tells you, you’re only preparing to fail, and your case can be likened to blind, deaf, and dumb man trying to walk on a highway without side-walks.

Beginner traders must first learn to recognize candle/bar patterns (at least 15); learn to use indicators (at least 4), and Chart Objects before demo trading. Many traders (including some veteran traders) don’t even know what a leverage is, or how it applies to risk management.

Understanding the details of your trading account, such as your account currency, spread, leverage, margin requirements, execution type, margin call and contract specifications – just to name a few – are vital if you are going to succeed as a trader.

At DB Investing, we will hold your hands like a child, and teach you how to Crawl (Beginner Level), walk (Intermediate level), and leave you to sprint on your own two limbs (Advanced Level). We have training and mentorship programs for both beginner and experienced traders that span at least one month, designed to help you develop a trading strategy based on a portfolio that best matches your personality.
We train/mentor you on not only forex trading, but also stocks, options, commodities etc..

Trading is a Skill!!! Trading is an Art!!! Trading is Life!!!! LEARN THE TRADE!!!

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