¿Por qué? Db Inversión

Nos hemos ganado la confianza de clientes de muchos países.

Nuestra empresa se esfuerza por convertirse en uno de los corredores más populares del mundo. Valoramos la confianza de nuestros clientes y seguimos prestando servicios fiables y creando relaciones a largo plazo con nuestros comerciantes y socios.

Db Investing is the brand of DB Invest Limited, a Security Dealer Firm licensed by the the Financial Security Authority in Seychelles with license Nr. SD53, to provide investment services of Reception, Transmission, and Execution of orders in relation to financial instruments Financial Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Portfolio Management and Investment Advice.

Working under the international brand Db Investing and with clients from different countries, we understand that every person is unique with his own values. When our team develops the services of the company, we take into account the variety of cultures, nations, trading experiences, and demands of our clients.





Núcleo Valores :

Customers First

  • All that we do, we do for our customers first. By updating existing services or creating new ones, we primarily strive to make them simple and convenient.

  • We work hard to build and keep customers’ trust.

  • We focus on customers. Although we have regard for competitors, we obsess over customers.

  •  We think differently and look around to serve our customers.

About what we do

  • We enjoy our work, love what we do, and have fun.

  • We appreciate creativity and support innovations.

  • We create and set an ambitious direction that leads to results.

  • We challenge, motivate, and exceed ourselves.

  • We create solutions together instead of blaming and criticizing others.

  • We take care of each other, and help each other move and grow.


  • We listen closely, speak frankly, and treat others with respect.

  • We express our weaknesses and goals in sound, even if doing so looks awkward or embarrassing. We direct ourselves and our teams towards the best.

  • We earn trust by making and keeping promises. We do what we say and take full responsibility for our actions.

  • We talk to people about all issues; we do not conceal or gossip about anything.

  •  We are obliged to challenge decisions respectfully when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. We have conviction, and we are stubborn. Once a decision is made, we put it wholly into action.


  • We focus on the critical inputs for business and deliver them with the right quality and on time. Efficient decision-making and its rapid execution are vital for staying relevant.

  • To reach success, we must have top level standards and work even harder and smarter than anyone else.

  • We appreciate completing tasks instead of talking about them. We prefer automation to manual work.

  • We set priorities, fixing on the 20% that will give us 80% of the impact.

  • We constantly lift the bar and drive ourselves to offer high-quality products, services, and processes.

Continuous learning

  • We are learning all the time and always look for ways to improve ourselves. We are interested in new possibilities and strive to explore them.

  • We consider every case as an experience or another opportunity to learn (especially when the case is complicated enough).

  • We are interested in acquiring knowledge rather than proving our points.

  • We value giving and receiving regular feedback and an open mind to self-improvement.

  • We learn from and share knowledge with those around us.

  • The world is constantly changing, and our task is to adapt. Whether you change yourself or create changes, both work; both are the best kinds of evolution.

  • We always bring our beliefs into question and at the same time, do not lose the ability to make decisions.


  • We have long-term outlooks and don’t give up our long-term values in favor of short-term results.

  •  We never say “That’s not my obligation.” We support our clients at all levels, stay focused on the details, check up frequently, and we are skeptical when metrics and incidents differ. No task remains unaddressed.

  • Each of us is responsible for protecting all the information and technologies we use and create every day.

  • We strive to accomplish more with fewer efforts. Limitations breed inventiveness, self-sufficiency, and gumption. There are no extra points for the growing staff list, budget size, or fixed expenses.

  • If not now, then when? If not me, then who? If you don’t like something and know a better way—go and do it. Can you do it by yourself? If not, find the resource owner, sell the idea, get privileges, and do it. Whining is easy, but changing the world around you is more complicated and exciting.

  • We understand we are the reason for everything that happens to us. Everything depends on us, so we can change everything we wish.

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