Daily Market Analysis 11-07-2024

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Daily Market Analysis      11-07-2024


Actually, success is born at of much failure. I am yet to find a man that succeeded that has not failed before. Every successful one indeed is one that had experience failures. Do not be afraid to fail for it is the courage to bear your failures and the humility to learn from them that brings success.

Economic Calendar (GMT+1)

Analysis of EURUSD

EURUSD Chart Analysis

Analysis of GBPUSD

Fundamental Analysis

The British pound strengthened against other major currencies in the European session on Thursday, after U.K. economy rebounded at a faster-than-expected pace in May underpinned by broad-based expansion in services, manufacturing and construction industries.

GBPUSD Chart Analysis

Analysis of GBPJPY

Fundamental Analysis

The Japanese yen weakened against other major currencies in the Asian session on Thursday. The yen fell to a 32-year low of 175.32 against the euro and a 17-year low of 208.11 against the pound, from early highs of 174.98 and 207.58, respectively.

GBPJPY Chart Analysis

Analysis of XAUUSD

XAUUSD Chart Analysis

Analysis of WTI

Economic Calendar (GMT+1)

WTI Chart Analysis


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