DB Investing was Honored with the “Best Forex Introducing Broker Provider” Award at the Dubai Traders Summit in May 2024

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DB Investing was Honored with the “Best Forex Introducing Broker Provider” Award at the Dubai Traders Summit in May 2024

DB Investing, a leading financial services provider, proudly received the prestigious “Best Forex Introducing Broker Provider” title at the Traders Summit, held at the Dubai Festival Arena on May 19th and 20th. Organized by Smart Vision, the event brought together industry leaders, experts, and traders from around the globe.

Dr. Mohammed Elnozamy, CEO and Founder of Smart Vision, praised DB Investing for its commitment to client satisfaction and innovative solutions. This accolade highlights the company’s exceptional performance and dedication to delivering top-tier forex-introducing broker services since 2020.

DB Investing attributes its success to a client-centric philosophy, advanced technology, and a seamless trading experience. In a recent interview, CEO Mr. Gennaro Lanza outlined the company’s future strategy, which includes expanding new regulatory compliance, introducing new products and services, opening new offices, and exploring potential acquisitions. In the short term, the management aims to become one of the top 5 players in the market within the next three years.

Leading the expansion in the MENA region from Dubai is Chief Business Development Officer Mr Hietham Abdulhalim, who is committed to securing the best partner deals and providing clients with optimal trading conditions, including tight spreads.

DB Investing extends heartfelt gratitude to its dedicated team of over 100 employees across five offices in different countries. Their tireless efforts and commitment to excellence are integral to the company’s success. The company also thanks its clients for their ongoing support.

Looking ahead, DB Investing remains focused on enhancing its offerings and setting new financial service benchmarks. With this esteemed award and continued client support, the company is poised for sustained growth and success.

Check out the video on the DB investing Youtube channel: DB Investing at the Forex Traders Summit Dubai in May 2024, resume of the successful Expo

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