Video: Markets Today with Neo – 02/02/2023

Video: Markets Today with Neo – 02/02/2023

Market Update 02/02/2023

GBP Official Bank Rate – Interest rate

The BoE increased the Interest rate today by 0.5%, bringing it to 4%, the highest level since the 2008 financial crisis. The rate hike comes because of the high inflation level of 10.5%, a 41 year high as UK households are struggling to cope with the current cost of living.

ECB Main Refinancing Rate-Interest rate

After one hour and 15 since the rate hike from the BoE, The European Central Bank increased the interest rate by .5% to bring it to 3% from 2.5%. It is also expected to raise it even further at their next policy meeting happening in March!

Quarter earnings releases

Apple                              EPS        /1.94               Revenue          /2.30B    am

Alphabet(google)         EPS        /1.18               Revenue         /76.07B   am     

Amazon                         EPS       /0.1729            Revenue        /145.64B am

Starbucks                      EPS      /0.7689             Revenue       /8.78B        am 

Sony                               EPS     /1.6                     Revenue       /9.25B

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